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Best Headphones For Big Heads: Top 5 Picks of 2021

Finding a suitable headphone for big heads is a very difficult task. And most people fail in finding the best headphones themselves, especially big headphones. If you are looking for the best headphones for big heads, then you are in the right place. We know it is very difficult to find the big headphones that is the right fit for you. People with large heads can not find suitable headphones for large heads. Especially when it comes to buying the best gaming headset for big heads.

Almost all headphone producers and manufacturers produce standard-sized headphones, they do not want to spend money on machines for producing different sizes and manufacture one size that fits all. But these headsets cause discomfort and sometimes cause pain on the ears or heads of the users with big heads.

Luckily, there are some companies that produce the best gaming headset for big head. And you can afford some extra money to purchase them. You are in the right place if you are looking for comfortable and high-quality good headphones for big heads.

Top 5 Best Headphones for Big Heads

We have listed down the five best headphones for big heads in this article. We did deep research on them and got deep detail about their features, built quality, and pros and cons of these headphones for big heads.

1-Bose Wireless Headphones

headphone for big heads, headphone for large heads

Bose’s headset is one of the best big headphones that are noise-canceling among the leading manufacturers for headphones, is solely created to provide you comfort and convenience. The ear cups are angled at 15°, making these headphones ideal for big heads. Therefore with these headphones, you shall no longer feel pain or have other related problems.

the headband is had by the headphones that are adjustable for you to slip and fit around the head. The headband consists of steel, which means it’s durable. Moreover, it precipitates with leather pads enabling you to make usage of it for the duration that is extended an exasperating sensation.

Apart from the audio that is high-quality, it comes with various use advantages too. For instance, it supports multipoint that is Bluetooth.

Moreover, you could link these headphones with multiple sources simultaneously. Further, it features a price that is tremendous is switching allows you to certainly switch between devices with a blink of an eye.

The autonomy of the headset is of 20 hours, and that is again precisely just what sets it aside. Lastly, in regards to the charging of the headphones, it supports USB C charging.

In short, these will be the headphones that our ideal minds are going to enjoy!

Reasons to Buy
  • Has an autonomy of about 20 hours
  • It has a rich sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • It supports multipoint Bluetooth
Reasons to avoide
  • It expensive a little bit

2-Astro Gaming A40

Astro gaming headphone

Something is great these headphones is that it comes with various sound modification options. All you need to accomplish is to consult utilizing the manufacturer’s site and download it.
You shall require a sound adapter so that you can connect this headset to your PS4 if you should be a PS4 gamer. this is a best gaming headset for large heads
Then Astro Gaming A40 is what you will require if you might be a gamer and want the most readily helpful headset for a mind that is large. It really is not merely big but additionally provides crisp and quality that is supreme is sound. Being fully a headset that is comfortable comes down with a large ear that is leather-based to fit your ears properly.
PS4 doesn’t support a port that is electronic is audio. But upon connecting, the noise you shall hear will likely be magnificent. You won’t experience such impressive sound that surrounds precision that is directional any other gaming headset out there. it is the best example for  big ear headphones or headphone for big ear and headphone for big heads
Despite being a headset that is Astro that is large Gaming is easily adjustable.
It has long cables that enable you to lay on your own bed or sofa while winning competitions, hearing music, or movies that are viewing. However, you could maybe not feel at ease with all the mess cables which are long made.

Reasons to Buy
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Comes with a detachable cable
  • Changeable ear cup pads
  • It comes with long cables
  • Extremely comfortable headset
Reason to Avoide
  • you will need an audio adapter
  • The setup process is inconvenient due to the lack of instructions For PS4 slim

3-HyperX Cloud II

hyperx headphone for big heads

Then HyperX Cloud II could work as the best for you if you are on a tight budget personally. It’s basically a decent-looking headset with a closed back.It is one of the  best headphones for big ears

The product quality that is the sound of Cloud II is excellent, but not superior. So if you need headphones that are perfect for video games, this may not be the right choice for you during the event. Consider Astro, which is the movie you are buying for that purpose.

It is made of steel and synthetic. Therefore, the quality has been created towards the brand. The joints of this headset are also very strong, so the chances of breaking it while stretching are low.

Also, HyperX Cloud II does not have any application or PC software to modify the audio. Therefore, to regulate the sound profile, you will need to require that the downloaded software is third-party. these are actually big head headphones

This headset may not turn out to be the most stylish, but it actually packs a few features that are great for big heads. Being comfortable and lightweight, it can instantly fit your mind and ears. In addition, the pads are made of velvet fabric. These velvet pads, whenever they are used, are also easily replaced.

In addition, the nature of these headphones is completely closed, which means that they can isolate sounds and cancel the noise that is environmentally simple. These headphones may not support noise, which is definitely a feature that is active.
You will effectively meet your requirements as an advanced ordinary user (who enjoys music and listens to podcasts).

Pros & Cons

Reasons to Buy
  • Excellent audio quality and cross-platform support
  • Durable and fits easily
  • Build quality ensures durability
Reasons to Avoid
  • It does not have a microphone of the best quality.
  • No built-in software for audio customization

4-Philips SHP9500

Philips headset for big heads

After exploring the standard that what HiFi sound is, this headset should definitely be the thing for your ears to comfort. It is better than most premium headphones with regard to the sound standard, which closely resembles that of this quality that an audiophile can be.

Unlike Philips headphones, which are full-size, bulky, and large SHP9500. Wearing it for a big mind will be convenient as it is just a giant setting which is ideal. Also, your benefits are not limited to your convenience, so your supply. But for an inexpensive headphone, the natural clarity and sound are just amazing.

Philips SHP9500 comes with an over-the-ear design, it is an acoustic ear that is great to cover your ears completely. But despite its bulky and large outlook, it puts minimal stress on the ears. these are big head phones

Another downside to those headphones is that they might not help the termination which is noise. Apart from this, they will have a detachable cable.

With Philips SHP9500, you can focus on music and podcasts, watch movies, and play FPS games. It provides a soundstage that is an amazing picture and crystal clear sound that is clear. However, you just can’t prevent sound leakage, it’s open headphones.

Pros & Cons

Reasons to Buy
  • Pretty affordable
  • These are lightweight headphones
  • Contains a detachable long cable
Reasons to Avoid
  • Dripping sound
  • The pads are not replaceable

5-Beats Studio 3 Wireless  Headphones

Beats wireless over ear headphones for big head

The very best Beats as for audio quality, everybody knows the boss, of course. So you will find top-notch, high-quality, fabulous noise. This headset that is wireless lasts up to 22 hours after billing. They are perfectly adjustable headphones that can be on-ear by beat. You can get integral dampers that make your usage smoother and more perfect by canceling out outside sounds and effects which are pressure.
If we talk about connectivity, power, and range. they are big over ear headphones and bulky headphones

They are exceptional headphones. You’ll get these headphones having an integral WI microchip and the latest in Bluetooth. The design regarding the earmuffs makes these headphones very comfortable for big heads. And he didn’t press his ears. The stress is divided by them equally in both ears.

Pros & Cons

Reasons to Buy
  • Great sound quality
  • Active noise cancellation function
  • Up to 22 hours of headphone life
  • Has an Apple HI chip
Reasons to avoid
  • A little expensive
  • It does not support passive listening mode

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Headphone for Large Heads?

It is not only you who find it hard to select the best headphones for large heads. There are many folks out there struggling and wasting their money. we have tried to provide you all information about the subject. we have mentioned a few things below that will help you when you want to buy a headset for big ears and the best headset for big heads

What are the Types Of Headsets

Headphones normally come in two types, on-ear headphones, and over-the-ear headphones.

On-ear Headsets

On-ear headphones do not have large ears or cushions. Therefore, do not expect your ears to surrounded. Alternatively, they sit on top and protect a percentage that is particular to the ear.

on-ear headphones do not guarantee comfort, especially those with a large head. People with big heads often need to force the fit. To be comfortable, these headsets will have to be large enough.

So this is not the perfect option for people with big heads.

Over-ear Headsets

This type of headphone contains larger ear pads to properly cover and surround your ears. Being the largest type of headset, they have been the most suitable, best fit, and a solid option for people with large heads. We will recommend this type of headphones if you have a big head. try to avoid extra-large over ear headphones always choose good headphones for big heads wisely.

What you should look for while Purchasing a headphone for a big head.


What’s the right point for a well-fitting headset? A comfortable-sounding headphone is better than the usual one that has big claims. Therefore, always keep convenience as an issue and never compromise on it.
Comfort is clearly what allows you to wear or use headphones for hours. We recommend that you purchase a lightweight headset with thick and soft ear cushions. The headphones you need to finalize the requirements to fit your head rather than promote any discomfort from long-term use.


Holding or Clamping Power of Headphone

The clamping force is a powerful force that holds the total number of headphones. If the holding force is higher, you will probably feel stress on your own head. So the headphones may not stay in your ears if this powerful force is reduced. However, you should always opt for headphones with a weak holding force.

The stress that comes with the tightness that is high causes discomfort in the ears or headaches. So be sure not to go for headphones with extra gripping force.

Final Words

However, there are options that can be inexpensive. For example, the Status Audio CB-1 is the headset to look forward to if you can’t afford to invest much. But then consider that Bose is buying the Noise Wireless Headphones 700 in case you have a higher spending plan.

It’s reasonably difficult to watch movies, watch music closely, work, or relax when one thing is the powerful force your head is constantly applying. That is exactly what uncomfortable headphones are that is a standard size for people to have a skull that is gigantic. Have a big mind that the options for choosing a headset are restricted.

Fortunately, some manufacturers also make large headphones and allow you to have a more comfortable experience that is the care that is being provided. However, for the most part, most of these headphones are particularly expensive. But investing in something that is applied on a daily basis is the smart choice.

I hope you find this article interesting and useful. Happy listening!

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